Weathertech Floor Liner

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Weathertech Floor Liner

Post by Hadleys Taxi » Tue May 19, 2020 5:31 pm

Has anyone either purchased or considered these for their vehicle ... on/manual/? If you did consider them, but did purchase them, what was your reason for this?

I currently have the Honda all weather rubber mats installed on my vehicle and they do a fairly decent job, up to a point.

Unfortunately there appears to be a few design issues with them; there is a fair gap around where your clutch foot rests which allows dirt, mud and so on onto the carpet around there. It also just does not extend far enough under the brake and accelerator pedal as much as my OEM Skoda ones did, and allows dirt and mud to get on the carpet. Also, for some reason I seem to get grass and mud accumulating on the ridge directly under the drivers seat; between the petrol tank and the drivers footwell. Although the Honda mats have a raised lip around them it does not extend high enough to prevent the heel of my boot depositing the aforemention mud and grass onto the lip from when I come back from walking Hadley at our local country park.

I never experienced this issue in the 10 years I owned my previous vehicle, but I think that may be down to the fact I sit more upright in the HR-V and the footwell appears to be more compact than on my Skoda.

Although the Weathertech are highly regarded the main issue I have with pulling the trigger on purchasing them is they are £207, this contrasts with the £73 I paid for the full set of Honda All Weather mats. Bizarrely for the UK market whether you purchase just the front set only, or the front and rears, it is the same price.

Thoughts, opinions?


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