You May Want To Check Your Rear Light Clusters

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You May Want To Check Your Rear Light Clusters

Post by Hadleys Taxi » Fri May 15, 2020 1:09 am

Having recently purchased my vehicle, I removed both rear light clusters to see how difficult or easy it is to change bulbs.

The NSR cluster was more difficult to remove than the OSR, however, with a little bit of persuasion it eventually came away. Once I had completely removed the light cluster I found the cause of its reluctance to budge. Around both screwholes, but more so the top one, was what is technically referred to as black crud.

My vehicle is a 4 year old second hand purchase, so I am unaware if the previous owner or anyone working on the vehicle had done anything to cause the crud. I'm aware on previous vehicles I have owned the manufacturer had attached rubber pads or sponge behind various fixtures as a means of noise suppression, some of which began to rot away over time, or if it was just normally every day dirt that had somehow managed to accumulate over time behind the light clusters.

Regardless of how it was created, it managed to form a tight bond around the retaining screws making all four screws more difficult to remove than they should. In this case the crud was easily removed with a microfible cloth sprayed with Auto Glym Aqua Wax.

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