My new HR-V EX CVT - disappointing

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My new HR-V EX CVT - disappointing

Post by bobzyer_runkle » Tue Dec 03, 2019 7:37 pm

After having 2 Qashqai's (QQ's) over the past few years, I was getting bored with the same car, although we have had no problems at all. So we decided on an HR-V, after having 3 decent Hondas in the past.

It's a 2020 model, but I doubt it's much different to the 2019 car. We were really looking forward to it, but from the start have been disappointed, compared to the QQ.


The Garmin sat nav is much better
Sound quality from the speakers is good
Quiet engine
Auto handbrake off is nice to have, but probably not essential.
Opening roof.


No heated windscreen
Internal door and centre console storage must be 30% smaller, if not even less.
Heating controls seem to be very difficult/dangerous to use.
Radio - unnecessarily complicated, plus when listening to music there is no text (can be switched on every time but never changes so useless)
USB ports under the centre console - whoever designed that must be mad!! Extremely difficult to use even when parked.
No digital speed display available
CVT gearbox - where do I start?? Compared to the QQ's CVT, its dreadful. Constantly changing down unnecesserily - on a flat road at 60mph, not accelerating, it will change down to 4th!! Some drivers may not even notice that due to the quiet engine, but watch the revs go up!! Or when pulling away from a standstill gently, it does not change up gears until really unnecessary high revs. It appears to be programmed for Grand Prix starts. Yes I can change manually with the paddles, but in a short time it changes back. - and why should I have to change manually?? It's as if the Honda CVT is unintelligent compared to the QQ.
Only a rear camera - I was aware of this when I ordered the car, but didn't realise how much I would miss the birds-eye view of the 4 cameras in the QQ
Smaller exterior door mirrors
No electric seat adjustment.

The plan was to keep this car for a long time, but it looks like that plan will change!!

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Re: My new HR-V EX CVT - disappointing

Post by alanhr-v » Tue Dec 03, 2019 9:48 pm

Sorry to hear you are disappointed with the HRV. I would have thought you knew those issues during your test drives not wait until you bought it.
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Re: My new HR-V EX CVT - disappointing

Post by ColinS » Wed Dec 04, 2019 7:49 am

Also sorry to hear of your disappointment. I can comment on some of the negatives:
I have never had the need for a heated windscreen. My car is garaged so that may be the reason.
I agree that internal storage in the cabin is generally an issue and this was a negative point that I considered before purchase.
Heating controls are very difficult/dangerous to use but I just leave mine on automatic so not an issue for me.
Concentrating on driving rather that reading text off the radio is my preferred method of driving so no issues there.
USB ports under the centre console are in a silly position but I only have one USB stick which is seldom changed
No digital speed display available. I have this on my dash cam if I really needed to refer to it, but never do.
Now with the CVT gearbox, I think you have an issue there. Mine certainly does not randomly change down and pulling away gear changes are determined by the amount of acceleration required. I would suggest that you speak with the dealer about this as I think it is incorrectly setup. You do have it in Drive and not in Sport don't you?
I've never had anything other than a single rear camera and use this as an aid to using my mirrors rather than relying on it.
I find the exterior door mirrors adequate but a feature that I have seen on other cars is a blind spot warning light, which would be a useful addition.
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Re: My new HR-V EX CVT - disappointing

Post by John Ratsey » Wed Dec 04, 2019 10:57 am

No vehicle is perfect and differences are most obvious during the transition period.

I completely agree with you about the heating controls and have said numerous times that such an arrangement should be illegal (I think Honda has got the message - the next generation Jazz has some big knobs). I have, however, developed a technique for operating the demist control without having to look - wrap palm of left hand around the end of the control panel and prod with the thumb to touch the panel. Practice this move and you'll discover that the demist is very effective and you'll stop missing the heated windscreen.

I have no problem with the HR-V's speedometer. It reads very slightly high but not the 10% I've had on some previous vehicles. I've never had a digital one. Does it read the true speed and agree with a stand-alone sat-nav or is the apparently accurate number actually higher than the true speed?

I'm baffled by your comments about the CVT gearbox. It's one of the best features of the vehicle. Think of pressure on the accelerator being more a control for engine speed with the vehicle itself playing catch-up. Modest pressure on the accelerator will get the vehicle smoothly and quietly accelerating with the engine running at around 2500 rpm and once up to speed the rpm drops to 1,500 +/- 500 (depending on vehicle speed). Are you being a bit twitchy with the right foot? A sudden increase in accelerator pressure will trigger a kickdown command so the gearing will drop and the engine speed up. As already noted, keep out of S mode unless you want the extra performance - it makes the engine / gearbox more responsive but also hits the fuel economy (I once unintentionally did a trip in S mode and the trip mpg was about 15% lower than normal). The i-VTEC engine has two basic modes: Below around 3,000 rpm only 4 inlet valves are in use which improves the fuel-air mixing and helps the fuel economy while above about 3,000 rpm the other 4 inlet valves are also used which gets more fuel into the cylinders which helps increase the power output but the fuel economy isn't so good. I believe that the engine will run happily up to 6,000 rpm or so but I've never been more than 3/4 of the way there.

Otherwise take the vehicle to the dealer and do a test drive, half with you driving and half with one of them driving and see if you both get the same CVT behaviour.
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