HRV 2004

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HRV 2004

Post by wyedean » Tue Nov 03, 2020 2:39 pm

First time for everything and needs must - ! I own a 2004 HRV ( not sure whether these earlier models are current or ever mentioned in the Forum conversation?) but as an original HRV which has been a great vehicle for my family I am fighting to keep it roadworthy. Mechanically it has always been sound and reliable however this last recent MOT it failed on rusted out rear wheel arch inners, the sills had Advisory's but they are repairable, not so for the rear inners! I have spent two weeks searching the Internet and breakers yards and it looks like they will need to be fabricated - they most certainly do not appear to be available anymore. However, I had the thought that there may be someone out there that has had similar issues and may know of a replacement from perhaps a different model or have a pattern for a welder. If I'm asking this in the wrong place please also direct me to right place!. We have said goodbye to two or three vehicles that have surcumbed to the dreaded rust and have always in hindsight regretted the decision. We want to do our outmost to keep a truly distinctive vehicle roadworthy for a few more years at least. Thank you in anticipation of any help.

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Re: HRV 2004

Post by cb550 » Tue Nov 03, 2020 5:01 pm

Can't help you specifically with any parts sourcing, but did have a similar experience a couple of years ago with a Fiesta (older than your car) :

The car failed its mot on rear inner sills/within the rear arches. I initially thought of having them repaired professionally, but after some investigation realised the repair would run into some hundreds of pounds for what was a car with little value.

As a d.i.yer I decided to bite the bullet and do it myself. Dropped the rear beam axle and cleaned up the rusted areas, made some plates up and mig welded in place. The car passed its mot, and yes it was a ball aching job.

If you can find a garage or tradesman who will weld the car, he'll quite likely plate the rusted areas. The costs might prove prohibitive if there's too much preperation needed. Good luck

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