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Post by garryhucker » Wed Jul 21, 2021 5:04 pm

Hey all, this is my first main post.

Picked up my HRV last week and it's brill.
I feel some extra parts wouldn't go a miss.
I've already fitted wind deflectors which look cool, I'm currently looking at mud flaps. Has anyone fitted them and they look alright? I'm worried they're gonna look a bit crap and it's hard to picture it.
I've found these ones that I've attached.

Are there any other accessories that anyone can recommend?



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Post by MartinLB » Wed Jul 21, 2021 9:09 pm

I had the mudguards fitted from new find they do keep a good amount of rubbish at bay, personally I think all vehicles should be fitted as standard, when you see how much vision is lost on wet roads from unnecessary spray.
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Post by Deleted User 1750 » Thu Jul 22, 2021 1:56 pm

These are the accessories I have fitted;


OEM Honda Front and Rear Mudflaps (fitted as part of my purchase) ... mudguards/ - No issue with the fronts, the rears could do with being 5-10cm longer.
OEM Honda leading edge protector (fitted as part of my purchase) ... nish-2015/ - Very effective at protecting the plastic leading edge to the hatch, especially if you have dogs!
OEM Honda Bumper Protector (fitted as part of my purchase) ... 5-onwards/ does the job and looks nice in silver.
Fitted OEM Honda Detachable tow bar.
Changed the following exterior halogen bulbs to LED; front indicators, front DRL, Headlights and Reversing lights.


Tinted windscreen sunshade.
Tinted rear passenger and hatch windows.
Fitted OEM Honda Lipped front rubber mats ... mats-2015/
Fitted OEM Honda Lipped rear rubber mats [url ... mats-2015/][/url]
Replaced both of the above with WeatherTech Floor Mats ... on/manual/ due to the rear all in onemat and that the Honda mats did not go up far enough in the footwell nor under the pedals leaving space for dirt and mud to accumulate after I'd taken Hadley for her walk in the local Country Park. I would not purchase these again as instead of sending them from EU, they sent them from the US and ending up costing a fortune.
Fitted OEM Honda Boot Liner ... 5-onwards/ - I already had one from eBay, but it was of such poor quality. I use it to place items on when cleaning out the boot.
Rhino Boot Liner
OEM Honda Dog Guard (fitted as part of purchase) ... uard-2015/ good quality, with no rattles. I spent a fortune on dog guards with my previous vehicle before buying the Skoda OEM one. So saved myself any hassle and negotiated it as part of my purchase.
Boot netting. This came as standard with my Skoda so I just transferred it over. They can be bought online for around £10.
Headrest mounted coat hanger - Honda want £145 for theirs, mine was around £20.
Rubber inserts for door pockets, cup holders, storage areas; just google Yee Pin Honda HR-V rubber interior mats around £20.
HR-V embossed Door Step garnish around £20 on line, Honda OEM ... nish-2015/
Leather Steering wheel cover, around £20 online, just search Universal Fit Leather Car Steering Wheel Cover 37-38.5CM. Although I have a leather steering wheel as standard, it lacks the heft that I had with previous vehicle. The leather is so poor, I actually thought it was plastic.
I have these fitted to the two outer rear seats ... JibWMiOjB9.
I have these Car Shades [url ... -8056.html][/url] fitted to the two rear windows. Handy for leaving the windows open to allow air in without letting bugs and crud in.
Rhino Car Seat Cover - Front Seat and Rear Head Rests [url][/url] - not the best fitment, but does the job!
Only the Boot and and sunvisor lights were halogen, so changed them as well.

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Post by HughW » Thu Aug 12, 2021 7:26 pm

Anyone fitted a dash cam ? Kept mine back from my previous car to fit in my HRV, but the manual prints dire warnings about anything near the rear view mirror obstructing the cameras / sensors.
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Post by Deleted User 1750 » Thu Aug 12, 2021 8:00 pm

Yup, no issues. Been installed for over a year.

It's located just below the spotted section of the windscreen on the passenger side, but aimed more towards the drivers side, so as to cover as much of the windscreen as possible.

Not the best image, it was posted on another thread about a different subject but it shows you roughly where it goes. My camera is a Nextbase 522GW.


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Post by supertaff » Fri Aug 13, 2021 1:52 am

I just hard fitted a black vue to front and rear to my hrv put it behind drivers sun visor no problem what so ever

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Post by HughW » Fri Aug 13, 2021 9:30 am

Great thanks folks 👍
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