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Post by Artur083 » Mon May 10, 2021 7:23 pm

Hello All,
Last Saturday we bought Honda HR-V I-DTEC EX 2017. Unfortunately the same day we found some surprises obviously not mentioned by the car dealer and something that I haven't checked during the test drive. I will now wait for more than 2 weeks before the so called after sales team will look into the issues.
I wonder is anyone here could help me with the issues:
1) The second remote key fob doesn't work. I've changed the battery with no luck. After checking online I understand the key has to be programmed by qualified key car key locksmith. Can anyone confirm please ?
2) More annoying issues is the ‘keyless remote reminder’ icon appearing on the dashboard. Based on the manual the icon should appear if the key fob is outside of the car range. In my case whenever I open the door the icon is triggered and doesn’t disappear when the doors are back closed and with the fob staying inside of the car. The only way to cancel the icon is to press Engine Stop button and back Start again .
Can someone please confirm how does the function behave in their car ? Does that get triggered whenever they open the car doors and does it reset itself ?
This option is described on p.175 in the users manual ... Manual.pdf

Many thanks.

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