Engine light/EP system indicator/flashing parking brake light

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Engine light/EP system indicator/flashing parking brake light

Post by seabass_ » Thu Jan 02, 2020 4:40 pm

Hi all,

On the eve of NYE as I was arriving home the dash of my 16 plate diesel HRV lit up like a Christmas tree, with the engine light, EP system indicator light and a flashing parking brake light.

We haven't driven it since, other than to get it on the driveway (parking brake works as expected but the light is blinking) but have used an OBD to retrieve diagnostics codes (can't get it to our local Honda until next week... but the bloke on the phone seemed to think it's a battery issue since ours has never been changed). OBD retrieved the following codes:

  • P068A - ECM/PCM Power Relay De-Energized Performance - Too Early
  • P00BC - DTC definitions not found! Please refer to your vehicles service manual!
I've read other posts on here about this issue and it seems a lot of people have had to have the af sensors replaced, but seemed to have different error codes. We are a few months out of warranty and dreading a big repair bill :cry:

I'm also wondering if it's safe to drive the car to the dealer 10 miles away as the Honda bloke wouldn't tell me if it was OK or not. A tow truck probably costs a fortune :|

If anyone has any suggestions on things to try over the weekend to troubleshoot, we'd appreciate it. Ta!

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John Ratsey
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Re: Engine light/EP system indicator/flashing parking brake light

Post by John Ratsey » Thu Jan 02, 2020 9:05 pm

The explanation of the P068A code does suggest a low voltage problem. Do you have a volt meter (the OBDII reader can usually read the voltage) and battery charger? At this time of year the lights, etc, get more usage and the battery may be struggling to get enough charge (Honda's battery charging algorithm tries to minimise the alternator load on the engine in order to achieve a fractional fuel economy gain and this may not be providing enough juice under adverse conditions) so supplementary battery charging can be beneficial.

I would personally be willing to drive the vehicle on a short trip. At worst it will die on the way and then the breakdown service will be needed. (Note, if you didn't know, that when the vehicle is serviced by a Honda dealer then they can, if asked at the time of the service, get the Hondacare extended for one year).

I would first try starting the vehicle and see if all the lights come on again and the vehicle is happy to move. Giving the battery a charge would be desirable whether or not you get the Christmas tree effect. Note also that the charger's ground lead should not be connected directly to the battery terminal but to the end of the earth strap nearest the battery terminal. This enables the battery sensor (the black plastic lump between the earth strap and the terminal) to be aware that the battery is being charged.
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